After discovering that you have termites in your house, you may believe that there is only one kind that can cause major destruction to your property. However, while subterranean termites usually affect wood that is closer to the ground, drywood termites are more often found inside of your house. Below are a couple of signs for which you can look to determine if you have drywood termites instead of the subterranean variety.

1.  Visible Pinholes in Your Walls and Wood Trim

One sign for which you can be on the lookout that indicates that your home is infested with drywood termites can be found by looking for pinholes in your walls and wood trim that serve as the entry and exit points for the insects. When subterranean termites burrow into surfaces, they usually refill the hole with mud or other substances.

However, since drywood termites do not typically burrow and/or live underground, they typically do not have access to fillers. They also do not worry about filling up these holes, which also serve as a disposal area for excess sawdust created when they are digging into the wood. If you can see the holes, you most likely have drywood termites.

2.  Sound of Knocking Within the Walls When You Tap Them

Another sign that indicates drywood termites over their subterranean counterparts is the sound of knocking within your walls when you tap them. This sound is not just the echo of your taps because of the hollowed-out wood.

Rather, the knocking noise is the sound of the termites themselves. When they feel the vibrations from your tapping, they will send a warning signal to the rest of the colony by banging their heads against the sides of the burrows.

If you lay your ear against the wall while tapping, you will distinctly hear this noise. The knocking noise will become louder as the colony grows and there are more termites banging their heads.

If you discover visible pinholes in your home's structures and/or hear knocking when you tap on your walls, there is a good chance that your home is infested with drywood termites. If so, these insects are not easy to get rid of by yourself. Contact a pest control company near you that deals with termites to have them determine how badly your home is infested, as well as talk to you about your options for getting rid of the destructive insects.