Whether you are replacing an existing fence or installing a new one, one of the most important decisions that you must make is what type of material you want to use. The fencing material that you choose will ultimately determine the amount of time that you spend on upkeep in the future, in addition to how long your fence will last and how much money you will spend on the fence installation. Aluminum fencing is a very popular choice among homeowners and commercial property owners for many reasons, some of which are outlined below.

Classic Appearance for an Affordable Cost

Aluminum fencing is very similar in appearance to steel and wrought iron fencing. However, due to the fact that aluminum is lighter weight and does not require as much specialized attention during production, it does not cost as much as other types of decorative fencing. Compared to steel fencing, aluminum is a fraction of the weight, making it much easier to move and install. As a result of this, aluminum fencing will likely result in lower labor expenses.

Compatible with Most Landscapes

If your property is uneven or hilly, there are some fencing materials that may not be the most appropriate option since they are unable to follow a slope. Aluminum is referred to as a rackable fencing material. These types of fences are adjustable, which will allow them to fit the slope of your yard without having to worry about any gaps forming along the bottom. This is incredibly important so that your yard can remain visually appealing and secure. Otherwise, gaps will allow intruders and animals to gain access to your property and are visually distracting.

More Secure

If you are seeking enhanced security on your property, then aluminum is a wise choice. Although any kind of high-quality fencing material will offer a certain amount of security, there are some fencing materials that make it easier for burglars to get past. For instance, it is easy for an intruder to cut through a chain-link fence if they have the appropriate tools. With an aluminum fence, however, an intruder would be unable to cut through it, and it would be very difficult to climb over.

Less Vulnerable to Corrosion

Ultimately, the finish of a metal fence plays a significant role in its risk of corroding. The great thing about aluminum fencing is it is less vulnerable to corrosion than other metal fencing options, such as steel. In fact, aluminum will not rust, unlike steel. One reason for this is because aluminum is not a ferrous metal, meaning that this type of material reacts less when it comes into contact with moisture. However, it is still important that your aluminum fence has a protective finish on it, but you will not need to focus on preventing or treating rust.

Simple Upkeep

The best thing about aluminum is that it makes for an easy fence to maintain. Unlike a wood fence that must be regularly painted and refinished, aluminum will not require a new coat of a protective finish—ever! In order to properly care for your aluminum fence, you just need to remove any debris like dirt and leaves that build up on it over time.

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