When customers work with home builders, there's oftentimes a tendency for the customers to skip past some of the early details and focus on the more-exciting final stages. Although it's great to be able to dream about the house you've always wanted, there are still some issues that have to be addressed before the project gets to that point. Try to keep these 5 concerns in mind as you're getting started.

1. Surveying the Land

It's important to know where everything is on the property, especially its boundaries. By laying out points on the site, a surveyor can help you get a sense of what you're working with. These points can then be transferred to paper documents and 3-D models to advance the planning process. They're also incredibly useful for matching on-site issues with the plans.

2. Land Clearance and Grading

Few properties are in perfect condition for home builders to get started. If there are trees or existing structures on the site, for example, those will need to be cleared. Likewise, it's essential to create a level plot where the planned house will go.

3. Making an Engineering Study

With some sense of what the lay of the land is, you'll also want to know how well the location will support the structure you're planning. This means studying how the ground will respond to a foundation and a house being placed on it. Similarly, the impact of heavy equipment on the property should be assessed. If modifications have to be made, you want to discover these as soon as possible. Contractors can sometimes be brought in to shore up the ground. In other cases, revisions may have to be made to the designs for the home or the surrounding land.

4. Gathering Permits

Most municipal governments are going to want to see permits before construction gets rolling. Talk with the officials at your local code enforcement agency to learn what the requirements for building at your site are. If there are zoning issues, inquire about what the process for getting a variance might be. It's also wise to discuss common compliance issues, especially how far structures have to be from a property line.

5. Setting Up Utilities

Before you commence a build, it's critical to make sure all utilities are available. If they're not, you will either have to pay to have lines run to your site or look into possible off-grid solutions. Lines need to be run to convenient spots where your contractors can then access them.

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