If you are troubleshooting problems with a boiler, it may just be old, outdated, and inefficient. There are options to repair the problems to keep your boiler running or to replace it with a newer system. One of the benefits of boilers is that they are durable, and many of the components are interchangeable and upgradeable. Therefore, repairs and upgrades may be the most cost-effective solution to repair your boiler and improve its efficiency. The following tips will help you with deciding what repairs or upgrades to make to your boiler to improve its efficiency.

Retubing Your Boiler

The tubes inside boilers can wear out over time, and this is when retubing is needed. When the tubes of boilers are replaced and the system is repaired, talk to the repair service about options for using more durable materials that can also improve the thermal transfer and efficiency of your boiler to give it a more energy-efficient design.  

Changing the Boiler Burners

The burners of boilers often need to be repaired or replaced, which is another area where you may want to consider upgrades. First, consider replacements that are more efficient and use less fuel. You may also want to consider options to convert your boiler to cheaper alternative fuels that reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of your mechanical system's design.  

Adding Renewable Energy

One of the great benefits of repairing your outdated boiler is that there are many options to add renewable energy. First, consider using solar panels to operate electrical motors and pumps and reduce electricity consumption. You may also want to consider connecting the boiler to geothermal mechanical designs or installing solar hot water heaters to provide the boiler with thermal energy and to reduce fuel consumption. 

Updating Thermostats and Boiler Controls

Older boilers and heating systems often have outdated thermostats and controls that are inefficient. Therefore, there are a lot of options to update the controls and thermostats of boilers and heating systems when you are repairing your systems and upgrading them. Modern digital controls with programmable settings that can be adjusted according to your needs will reduce wear and maintenance, as well as improve the efficiency of your mechanical systems.  

These are some tips that will help with repairs that your boiler needs and the additional upgrades that will improve energy efficiency. If you need help with repairs and upgrades for your boiler, contact a boiler repair service and talk with them about some of these solutions to update your systems.