A backyard spa will bring you many hours of relaxing fun. Stretching out in a spa is a great way to unwind, and the warm water may even help with your aches and pains. While a spa is an enjoyable asset, it's important to keep it clean. Since a spa holds much less water than a pool, contaminants become concentrated more quickly, and chemicals can be more difficult to balance. If you have a hard time keeping up with spa maintenance, you might want to hire a service to make weekly calls. Here are some types of care your spa needs.

Cleaning, Skimming, And Vacuuming

An oily ring forms on a spa much quicker than on a pool, so you should clean the sides of the pool as often as is convenient for you, which might be a few times each week if you use your spa daily. It's also important to skim the water to get rid of bugs and other floating debris, and if leaves have settled to the bottom, the spa may need to be vacuumed as well. You can reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do by covering your spa when you're not using it, especially if trees are nearby.

It also helps if you circulate the water in your spa for several minutes daily so the water is filtered regularly. Your spa may have a timer that automatically turns on the water circulation so you don't have to remember to do it manually.

Balance The Chemicals

Your spa should have the chemicals checked and balanced frequently, especially if you use the spa daily or if several people use the spa regularly. Chemicals need to be balanced to keep the water clean and sanitary and to prevent algae. Balanced chemicals also prevent skin irritation from water that is too acidic. Your spa distributor should explain how to balance the chemicals and test the water, and the spa manual should have directions as well. However, this is another service that can be provided by your spa cleaning company, if you feel more comfortable letting someone else handle the spa chemistry.

Drain, Clean, And Fill The Spa

If you have regular visits from a spa cleaning service, they'll drain the spa at the appropriate time so it can be deep cleaned and so you can refill the water. This is usually done every few months, but if your spa gets a lot of use, it may need to be drained and refilled more often.

Make Repairs When Needed

When your spa displays an error code, you can decipher the code by checking the manual. However, you may need professional help with repairs. If your spa stops circulating, starts leaking, or stops heating, you'll want to have repairs completed right away rather than let your spa sit unused. The more you use your spa and take care of it, the better it is for both you and your spa.

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