Weather can wreak havoc with a private water well system. Dry weather and drought conditions can impact water supplies, prolonged periods of rainfall can result in result in flood damage to both the water well and the components that bring the water to the surface, and storms can fry the well pump with a single lightning strike.

If your home is equipped with a private water well and you would like to learn more about weather-related problems and what you can do to limit the damage you might experience, these tips can help. 

Drought conditions

Healthy supplies of ground water are necessary to maintain the aquifers and underground rivers and streams that provide water for private wells. Homeowners who live in areas where drought is a frequent concern will want to closely monitor their water well for signs that the underground water table is falling, such as decreases in the flow rate of the water or noticing sediment or discoloration.

If these issues are noted, it is wise to have the well checked by a water well service company to determine if the problem is likely to be temporary or long-term. If the problem is expected to last for a long while, it may be possible to alleviate the problem by extending the well's casing further into the water source. 

Damage from lightning

Well pumps and components that are connected to the electrical supply when they receive a direct hit from a bolt of lightning are likely to be rendered inoperable from the electrical surge. Homeowners can do a couple of things to help fix and then prevent this type of damage. First, they can have their water well service repair company check their system to replace the pump and make sure that the new one is properly grounded to help protect it from electrical surges. To prevent it from happening again, it can be helpful to turn the electrical circuit breaker that controls the well to the "off" position until danger from an approaching storm has passed. 

Flood damage

In the event of flooding. homeowners will want to disconnect the power from their well as soon as the water approaches the area where the well is located to reduce the risk of electrical shock. Once the floodwaters have receded, it will be necessary to have your water well service company examine the well for damage and make any necessary repairs before putting it back into operation.

Since flood waters can carry contaminants and infiltrate wells, homeowners will also want to take steps to test the water and take purification measures until the tests show that the water is safe to drink. Your water well service company can assist you with water testing and can offer several options for purification.