You have a septic tank in your home that runs into an open underground drain field on your property. All waste in the home, including toilet sewage and dishwashing water, goes into this septic tank and out into the field so your home is free of potentially dangerous gases, bacteria, and debris. When your septic tank or drain field needs to be repaired or serviced, you want to have a contractor inspect these areas as soon as possible to avoid potential health risks and plumbing problems.

Luckily, your sewage system will give you signs that professional care is needed before a large and expensive issue is on your hands. If you know what red flags to look out for, you can have your septic problems repaired quickly and easily. Here are signs your septic tank drain field needs professional attention.

You smell rotten eggs inside

When septic waste starts to get clogged in your sewer line or starts backing up somewhere in your home, you'll usually smell the problem before you see it. The sulfurous gases associated with waste often smell like rotten eggs or other decay. You'll notice this odor in your bathroom, kitchen, or even your laundry room. You may also smell this nasty odor in your floor drains in the laundry area or basement.

Even if you don't see any waste backing up inside your home and water appears to be draining completely, your septic tank may be close to full and need draining. If you don't take care of the issue now, your drain field can overflow, causing a nasty and expensive cleanup that is also costly.

You have issues with drains or the toilet

Once a sewage problem starts to get more severe, you'll notice plumbing issues and annoyances inside your home. Your toilet may be slow to flush or overflow frequently for no apparent reason. Drains may be slow to work—usually all drains are affected, not just one—and leave standing water inside sink and tub basins. You may notice debris floating up from your drains even if you haven't been using them.

Sewage backups are very dangerous and can ruin plumbing and your drain field. Your construction contractor will drain your septic tank and make repairs to broken and damaged lines. If you have a flood inside your home, vacate your premises and call for emergency assistance from septic tank drain field repair services. You will be able to return to your home and use your plumbing again once the sewage issue has been repaired.