It can be very alarming to turn on your sink and to find out that your water is just trickling out. If water is not coming out of your faucets at the rate that it should, there are a few things that you can check and investigate before calling the plumber for assistance.

Check the Faucet

The first thing that you need to do is check the faucet. There is an aerator over the opening to your faucet. Check and see if it is clogged up. If it is, you need to take the aerator off and soak it. You can easily clean your aerator screen by soaking it in a little water with some vinegar. If the aerator is blocked, this can help clean it and get your faucet flowing again.

Check the Water Valve

Second, look under your sink where the hot and cold water control valve are located. Make sure that they are turned to the correct position to allow water to flow. If you store items under your sink, it is entirely possible that the water valve controls got hit in the wrong direction.

Look for Leaks

If the low pressure is not contained to just one faucet in your house, then you have a larger, system wide problem that you need to address. Oftentimes, a water leak from just a single pipe in your home can cause the pressure in your entire system to drop. Start by inspecting under the sink of each of your faucets, and see if you spot some water under your sink.

Remember, the leak may not be somewhere where you can spot it. It is entirely possible that the leak is located in your basement or crawl space where the rest of your piping is hidden. For checking out your crawl space or basement for leaks, you may want to hire a plumber to look for leaks in these locations.

Once the leak is located, it is a matter of determining why the pipe is leaking and fixing it. In the winter, it is common for pipes to burst. There could be a hold or a kink in your supply line, or damage to a corner in your supply line. A plumber will be able to determine what is causing the leak and put a stop to it for you.

If you find a leak, you should turn off the water to that supply hose so that the leak doesn't continue to drip water until the plumber can get there and fix it. 

If your water pressure suddenly drops, make sure to call a professional plumbing service, such as First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc.