If you have a child with cerebral palsy, you know you need to make changes around your home to make things easier for them. One room you can start out with is the bathroom. A traditional bathroom would be very difficult for someone with this disability, but you can make it much more comfortable for your child. Below are three ways you can do this.

Bathtub and Shower

If your child is young, consider installing a bath seat in your bathtub. They make seats that sit up straight, as well as seats that recline. These seats are secured with suction cups.

Another option is to use a semi-inflated swimming ring. This will allow your child to comfortably sit back and feel relaxed. If your child is older and is hard for you to lift, you can rent or purchase a hydraulic lift that will lift them up and place them gently into the bathtub.

If it is in your budget, install a walk-in shower and install a permanent seat in it. Place grab bars in the shower to make it easier for them. You should also install nonskid strips on the bathtub/shower floor to prevent your child from slipping and falling.


Some children that have cerebral palsy will never be able to be potty-trained because they are not able to control those muscles. If your child is able to use the commode on their own, you can purchase a type of commode that is placed over the toilet. This is a seat that raises up the toilet so that it is much higher, which makes it easier to move your child from their wheelchair to the toilet.

You can also purchase toilet systems that are a combination of a bath/shower chair and toilet system. This type of system is much more expensive than the other options, however.


Install a sink that is low enough for your child to reach the faucets. Choose a floating sink which has no cabinet underneath it so your child can roll their wheelchair under the sink when they wash their hands. If your child is not able to wash their hands on their own, this type of sink will make things easier for you when helping them.

Talk with your child's occupational therapist about changes you should make to your bathroom. Each person with cerebral palsy is different, and they will have many tips to adapt the bathroom specifically for your child. Once you decide what is best for your child, talk with bathroom remodels contractors to discuss the options for altering your bathroom.