Your basement is one of the areas of your home that will be the most exposed to the potential issues caused by water damage. This can make it a worthy investment to have the basement waterproofed, but new homeowners may need to learn the answers to routine questions about these waterproofing services to understand whether this is a good option for their property.

What Happens During The Initial Evaluation Of Your Basement?

The first step to having your basement waterproofed is to have it inspected by a waterproofing professional, like Central Penn Waterproofing. These individuals will be able to determine the severity of the moisture control problem, the extent of the damage and the most likely sources of this problem. While it may seem like this would be time-consuming and inconvenient for the contractor to perform this analysis, it can often be completed within a couple of hours. This is because the professionals often employ sensitive moisture detecting equipment that will help them to quickly evaluate the basement.

Why Would A Homeowner Want To Have Their Basement Waterproofed?

Waterproofing the basement can be an excellent way of protecting your home against needing to pay for expensive water damage repairs. For example, the higher levels of moisture can contribute to molds and mildews growing throughout the basement. As these colonies mature, they will release spores into the air, which can allow this problem to quickly spread throughout the house.

Additionally, moisture issues in the basement can pose a threat to the foundation of your home. As the moisture seeps through the floors of the basement, it can come into contact with the foundation. Prolonged moisture exposure can contribute to the cement in the foundation weakening, which can result in your home no longer being structurally sound. Considering the expenses that come with these repairs, the affordable one-time cost of waterproofing the basement can provide an excellent return by minimizing this threat.

Will A Waterproofed Basement Require Additional Maintenance?

A home can have sizable maintenance needs that must be satisfied to keep the home looking great and structurally sound. For some homeowners, there may be a concern about waterproof adding to the burden of maintaining the house. However, waterproofing will not add much additional maintenance to your home. In fact, the only additional maintenance that can be required is if a sump pump is installed. These pumps prevent water from pooling in the basement, and they will need to be professionally serviced every few years.