If you are in the process of landscaping your yard, you should consider incorporating some decorative rock. This article will discuss 3 areas in your design where you should include some decorative rocks.

Around Plants, Trees, And Flowers 

A very common, but very appropriate, place to add decorative rock is going to be in your plant and flower beds, as well as around all of your trees. These rocks are great for multiple reasons. One reason being that they beautify this area and draw attention to your gorgeous plants, trees, and flowers. You can choose classic colored rocks, such as gray, or you can go with rocks that are a bit more unique, such as white or black polished or unpolished rocks. The rocks also do a good job of allowing the water to pass through and give the plants the water that they need to grow and beautify. Also, if you take the time to place landscaping fabric under all of your rocks, then you aren't going to have much of an issue with weeds growing up through them either. 

Rock Garden

If you want to add a really pretty landscape design feature to your backyard that isn't going to require a great deal of maintenance, you should incorporate a rock garden. This is going to be an area of your yard where you have a mix of small decorative rocks, as well as some larger decorative rocks. The small rocks can be whatever colors or styles that you would like, and the larger rocks are going to be your statement pieces. The different rocks are what make this rock garden so beautiful, and it can be something that you and your family can enjoy without having to really care for it like you would a living plant.  


A waterfall can be a gorgeous statement piece to add to the landscape design in your backyard. Since the foundation for this piece is going to essentially be made out of different kinds of rock, you can use a variety of decorative rocks to create the finished look. You can have square, flat decorative rocks to create the steps that the water flows down, and then you can surround the waterfall itself with other small, circular rocks as well. The combination of the decorative rocks with different shapes and colors will create a natural look for your waterfall and will add to the overall beauty of the waterfall design.