Does your roof look terrible? Perhaps you fear or know that it is time to get it repaired or replaced. You may even be ready to get some estimates on the cost to get your roof in better shape. Some people are shocked by their roofing estimates, and you should not have to be one of them. The following information will help you better understand these estimates and factors that can impact prices.

Roof Condition

Untimely repairs can negatively impact the condition of your property to the point that more aggressive measures need to be taken to ensure a proper fix. For example, if you have been procrastinating roof repairs, there is a chance that you have water damage. You may even have mold or mildew present due to the moisture issues. This means that your roofing estimate will likely include mold or mildew remediation, which will aid in preserving the new roofing materials. Water damage may also have caused some building materials to rot. Those areas will need to be replaced to ensure a long-lasting roof. 

Roofing Material

Some people make the decision to use the same type of roofing material each time they replace their roofs. There are others who have realized the benefits of migrating to more durable roofing materials such as metal or slate. This means that their roofing quotes may be higher, but they can expect their roofs to last a long time before needing repairs or replacements. Individuals who decide to migrate to roofing materials that are of a lesser quality than their existing materials might be surprised by a lower quote, but their new roofs may not last as long as the materials they are having extracted. For example, a property owner might request to replace a damaged slate roof with asphalt shingles out of necessity and budget concerns. 

Roofing Style

Some roofs have complicated designs. For example, a property may have several levels that have roofing materials. Some properties may also have slopes, valleys, dormers, or other intricacies that can affect roofing quotes. 

Roofing Contractor

Many roofing professionals are independent companies. This means that your estimates will vary depending on their labor costs and other costs associated with the repair or replacement. Their suggested remedy for your roof issue may also differ. For example, some roofing contractors may offer re-roofing services if there are not any signs of moisture damage, but there are some roofing professionals who may not offer re-roofing services. This is a service that involves placing new roofing materials over existing roofs rather than extracting and replacing all of the old materials. Contact a company like GBS Enterprises Roofing for more information.