You may be one of those people who feels warm in every situation. You may wear shorts and flip flops in a near-blizzard, while the people you live or work with are freezing when it's below 75. This type of disparity may be common, but it certainly makes finding the right temperature for everyone difficult. If you are fighting this battle, you need to be reasonable and flexible to help make everyone comfortable.


Contrary to what you may think, people who are perpetually hot or cold are not just being difficult. They may have medical issues that cause them to experience extreme temperatures. Also, simple stress can affect how you feel. If you are upset, your body can react by overheating. On the other hand, if you are depressed and feeling isolated, your body temperature may drop. Mood matters, so if you attack someone for their temperature needs, you may just be exacerbating the problem.

The Battle

Although most thermostat battles are a matter of a few degrees, the temperature in your home or office can cause you extreme discomfort. If you are sweating in 80-degree heat, you are not productive or happy. Likewise, if you are shivering at 70 degrees, you are not thinking clearly or focusing on work or family. Of course, whoever pays the energy bills is probably rooting for the hot-blooded person in the winter and the cold-blooded person in the summer. In this battle, someone generally ends up unhappy.


First, make certain that your HVAC system is functioning correctly. For instance, a faulty air conditioner or thermostat may be why you are freezing when the room is supposed to be 72 degrees. Have your system checked by a reputable HVAC technician to see if your equipment needs replacement or repair.

Next, be flexible. Research has shown that certain temperatures will keep the most people happy in an office or at home. In the winter time, the heat should be set at 70 degrees and the cooling at 74 degrees. Most people will be comfortable in the spring and fall when the heating is set at 71 degrees and the cooling at 75 degrees. Summertime temps should be 72 heating and 76 cooling. For those people who are uncomfortable at these levels, the only real solution is to layer their clothing. If you are cold, you can certainly add a sweater. Being overly hot is sometimes more difficult because you can only strip down so far.

In the case of temperature, the majority rules. If you live out on the fringe of being hot or cold, you will have to personally take steps to stay comfortable. If your body temperature is a constant problem, consider seeing your physician to see if you have an underlying medical cause.

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