Many older homes use a combination of lathe and plaster to create the walls of the home. The lathes are small pieces of wood which are nailed to the studs in the home. They create a foundation to which the plaster is applied. In modern homes this system has been replaced by drywall and texture. The chief benefit of the modern system is that it is easy to install. If you have plaster in your home, even if it is not in great shape, it is worth preserving or several reasons.

Cost Considerations

If you have lathe and plaster in your home, you can't simply add drywall on top of it. In order to provide your drywall with the best anchor to the studs of your home, you should first remove the lathe and plaster. Once you have removed the last and plaster, you might find that the system of studs in your home is not ideal to support drywall. Thus, updating the walls of your home can quickly turn into an expensive proposition. in a lot of cases, you can save money simply by repairing your plaster. 

Historical Preservation

Plaster is applied wet, which means that it can be used to create a flat surface, can be textured in a variety of different ways, can be shaped with stencils, and can be applied to flat or curved walls. Learning to work in plaster can take years and requires special tools. Thus, if you have plaster in your home, you should invest in plaster repair to preserve the historical integrity of your home. 


Tearing out all of your plaster and replacing it with drywall represents a ton of work. If you don't have the time or energy for an extensive remodel, then you can save yourself a lot of effort by simply repairing your plaster. While applying plaster in the first place requires a skilled hand, learning to repair plaster is a much easier endeavor. Thus, in terms of improving the aesthetics of your home without a lot of effort, you should repair your plaster if at all possible. 

Newer construction methods are not always the best. Replacing the craftsmanship involved in coating the walls of a home with plaster with the convenience involved in covering the walls of your home with drywall may be considered a step down in quality. While preserving the plaster in your home should be the ideal, if your home is in serious disrepair, you should do what you have to in order to get your home livable again.