When you lock your doors, you want to know that your home is secure and you don't have to worry about being victimized by criminals. However, some criminals are very good at getting through locked doors. Therefore, you should take other steps to keep them from becoming interested in your home and to make it as difficult as possible for them to get in. The information below will help you to secure your home in a way that keeps it better protected.

Don't tempt thieves.

There are certain things you can do in your home and yard that can tempt thieves, increasing your chances of having your home victimized. The more expensive items that can be seen from the street, the better your home will look to those trying to find a house to burglarize.

Keep your garage closed so thieves can't take inventory of the tools and other items you keep in your garage. Keep blinds closed that allow them to see expensive electronics and other items from the street. Put bicycles, motorcycles and other pricey items in the garage or in your backyard where they are out of sight.

Add extra levels of security.

Have motion detecting deterrents installed around your property. Motion activated lights can alert you to a prowler at night. Motion activated sprinklers can change a thieves mind when they end up getting soaked and startled. Motion activated garden decorations that make noises can scare a potential thief and may cause nearby dogs to bark.

Have a security system installed to help protect your house. Most thieves will pass by houses with security systems because they know it greatly increases their chances of getting involved in a confrontation and being caught and arrested. Having security cameras installed will also help you to see someone sneaking around your property and if you are away from home and a break in does occur, then the footage can be used to prosecute them.

Fence in your property.

Fencing in your property and keeping the gate locked will make it much harder for someone to break in to your house. Not only will they have a challenge when it comes to getting in your yard, but they will also have a very difficult time removing your items with a fence in place. Any type of fence that is tall and that doesn't have wide separations will help you protect your home. You can talk with a fence contractor about which fence types are the most secure for residential areas. 

Following these tips will help you to keep your home and family safer. Not only will you feel better while you are at home, but you'll also feel better about having to leave your house for extended periods.