Are you shopping for new windows? If so, you may have pondered over the importance of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is an important part of your decision, but there are other features that you should also take into consideration before you choose your new windows. The following are additional factors you should consider to ensure that your new windows are an ideal investment. 

Future Cleaning 

One of the key reasons that people choose energy efficient windows is because they know that their investment will likely save them money on energy costs in the future.  However, you may not have given much thought to cleaning your windows. The style of window you select may determine whether or not you will be able to clean your own windows or whether it would be safer to hire a professional to clean them, which would equate to you needing to plan for future costs associated with window cleaning. Windows that are designed to tilt in can make do-it-yourself cleaning easier. 

Future Maintenance

The material you choose for your new windows will determine the type of maintenance you can expect in the future. Although wood will give you the most flexibility in terms of color and staining, choosing wood will mean that you will need to paint and stain the wood as needed in future years to ensure it does not rot or warp. Fiberglass or vinyl window frames are durable alternatives to wood that do not have the same maintenance requirements. 

Noise Control

If you live in an area that is a growing community, the noise level may currently be bearable. Think of the future years. Those new families in the neighborhood may have children or get pets. The result of these changes may mean barking dogs and children at play. Additional development in your area may involve cutting down more trees, which can affect noise filtering. This may result in you being able to hear more noise from nearby highways. Investing in noise reduction windows will aid in ensuring that you do not need to make future amendments to your windows due to aggravating noise.


Choosing the best type of glass for your new windows will help to ensure your safety and the safety of other people and pets. For example, tempered glass is a good option if you have children or pets. This is because it is a durable glass that requires significant impact for it to shatter making it less likely to be compromised by energetic children or playful pets. Even then, the shattered glass does not result in shards like regular glass. Rather, it shatters into small cubes, which may result in no one getting injured by broken glass. 

A window installer like Gulf Coast Builders Inc is the best resource to use for your window selection. They can help you choose the best materials based upon a number of existing factors, and they can help you ensure that your selection is ideal for any projected growth in your community or future family changes.