One of the easiest ways to update your decor is to bring bright, beautiful light and modern lighting fixtures to your decor. With the help of your electrical contractor, you can update the lighting concept in your space and bring stunning illumination to each room in your home. Here are some ideas to create a bright, new look to your decor.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting lets you create focused light in a specific area in your home. These lights can hang from any height, and they come in a variety of shapes and styles. You can place a row of them over a long dining room table or hang them over your breakfast bar to create a well-lit place to enjoy a meal. To achieve this look, you may need your electrician to install a junction box and switch if the room doesn't already have an overhead light or fan. Your electrician can inspect your wiring to determine how much work will be involved in hanging your new pendant lights.

Hallway Sconces

You don't have to have a luxurious mansion to add upscale lighting schemes to your home. If you have a long hallway in any area, consider adding wall sconces at set intervals down the hallway. This eliminates dark areas as you try to navigate the hallway at night, and it adds a stunning look to your walls. Opt for sconces in stained glass designs for use with vintage or antique-style decor or select sleek brushed nickel designs for more modern decor themes. These sconces can also be strategically placed on either side of bedroom doors to create a unique, welcoming look. To install these lights, your electrician will likely need to drill into your wall and run some wires, unless you already have existing sconces in your hall.

Bold LED Lighting

Ultra-modern homes are making use of LED lighting for everything from artistic chandeliers to futuristic under-cabinet kitchen lighting. The soft glow and bright color options make LED lights great for accenting the lighting scheme in the room, but you will still need other fixtures to adequately illuminate your space. Talk to your electrician about different options for LED lights in your home. A few placement ideas might include these:

  • lights on each stair in a staircase
  • an LED-lit wet bar area
  • LED back-lit vanity mirrors
  • brightly colored LED crystal chandeliers

The amount of work that will need to go into installing each of these fixtures will depend on your home's existing wiring and the complexity of each fixture.

Talk to a residential electrical services provider like All American Air & Electric, Inc. about different options for installing new lighting fixtures to update the look of your home. With the right fixtures placed strategically throughout your home, a new lighting concept can drastically change the appearance of your space.