A kitchen remodel is a big but exciting undertaking. You probably have so many problems you want solved. There may be some style or trends you're considering as well. The following kitchen remodel trends will help you update your kitchen for both style and function.

Island Update

The island can present solutions to some of your kitchen problems. For example, have the base of the island constructed with customized storage. Include specialized inserts for appliances, utensils, extra pantry space or whatever your cooking style requires. Likewise, consider a split-top island for both food preparation and casual dining. Alternatively, include a second range if you entertain frequently or like to cook complicated meals.

Transom Cabinets

Transom windows are those located above big lower windows. Why not try this idea with your cabinets for extra storage? Utilizing all the available wall space is a current trend in kitchen design, and transom cabinets fulfill this need. They take up the dead space typically located at the top of cabinets. Such cabinets can even be located above appliances. Another option is to keep them open-fronted so you can display some of your prettiest kitchen accent pieces.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass naturally shimmers, so tiling your backsplash in glass adds light to your kitchen. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. One option is using the glistening glass to add color. For instance, Better Homes and Gardens describes a design that adds sky blue to an otherwise white kitchen. Copper accent pieces serve as a complementary counterpoint to the blue. These pops of color keep a clean white kitchen from feeling austere.

Cabinet Fronts

Changing out the doors in your cabinets is a relatively simple way to update the look of your kitchen. Cabinetry takes up a lot of visual space, so this simple update actually has a big visual impact. Consider some of the following options:

  • Use glass doors to open visual space.
  • Add crossed muntins to the glass panes for more texture.
  • Replace same-color doors with a different hue for a two-tone look.
  • Insert chicken wire instead of glass for a country appearance.

Quartz Countertops

You have a lot of high quality options for your countertop material. Granite is a classic, but quartz is becoming a popular trend. Quartz-surfaced countertops don't require quite as much scrubbing as granite, and they never have to be resealed. The gentle glimmer of the material also blends well with any design style.

Approach your kitchen remodel with an eye to cleaning up the style and adding functionality to your space. For professional assistance, visit Winston Brown Construction.