Getting an improvement land survey is an important step when beginning the process of building an addition on your home. These frequently asked questions and answers will help you understand what an improvement land survey is and why you can benefit from getting one.

What is an improvement land survey?

An improvement land survey is a type of survey that shows the proposed improvements to your property relative to your property lines and existing easements.

Why should you get an improvement land survey before building an addition on to your house?

There are many reasons why you should get an improvement land survey before building on to your house. To begin with, getting the survey will ensure that your addition doesn't cross over your property line. Many homeowners have a mistaken idea of where their property lines end. This may be because of misplaces fences, or because of the position of random landmarks on the property. For whatever reason, over time the boundaries of properties can be become obscured. Once an addition has been built onto a property, moving it could be financially devastating. Getting a land survey will ensure that the addition is built in a location where it is legally allowed to be built.

Improvement land surveys also ensure that the addition will not interfere with utility lines (like electrical lines and sewer lines). Finally, improvement land surveys ensure that the property is zoned for the type of addition or improvement proposed.

Is an improvement land surveys a requirement for getting an addition?

Whether or not an improvement land survey is a legal requirement for your addition or improvement will depend on the type of change you want to make to your property and what your local regulations state. You can find out whether or not it's a requirement by calling a local regulating authority or by contacting a surveying firm in your area.

How should you go about picking a land surveyor?

The land surveyor you hire should be licensed and bonded to perform the work. Ask to see certification and get his or her proof of insurance. As long as your surveyor has insurance, you can rest assured that any mistakes that are made will not be your financial responsibility. If your surveyor comes from a big firm, you can research that firm by checking with the Better Business Bureau.

For more information about getting an improvement land survey, contact a surveyor firm, like Arizona Surveying and Mapping.