A yard sale can be a phenomenal way to declutter your home and make some decent cash. Knowing the best ways to plan, arrange and carry out your endeavor can be the difference between a killer sale and a total flop. Follow these simple yet super tips to make the most out of selling your old stuff.

Pick the Perfect Day and Time

Check the weather forecast for the day or days you plan to hold your sale to avoid a rainout. If you are planning a one-day sale, stick with Saturday. Running a weekend-long sale, however, can draw more shoppers. Be prepared to start early with the sun; hardcore "yard salers" like to get to the good stuff early.

Get the Word Out

Advertise your sale throughout the week leading up to it and on the big day. Post signs around your neighborhood, list notices on classified websites and post announcements on local social media group pages. Include the address, date and time of your sale. Bright colors, balloons and arrows on your signs and posters can encourage more buyers to show.

Price Everything

Although it may seem time consuming, marking the asking price on every item will likely result in more purchases. Determine prices people would likely be willing to pay at a garage sale, taking your own sentimental value out of the equation; 10 to 20 percent of the current retail price is a good rule of thumb. Offer bulk discounts, such as four paperbacks for one dollar and be prepared to make deals with shoppers.

Have the Tools You Need

Get hold of a locking moneybox and make sure you have sufficient change, including tens, fives, ones and quarters. Obtain a basic calculator to total sales and set up your "cash register" in a safe, convenient spot. Bring out everything you'll need to be comfortable while you work, such as an ice chest full of cold drinks, a lawn chair and maybe a fan plugged into an outdoor socket.

Show Off the Good Stuff

Place big-ticket items such as furniture, power tools and electronics near the front of your yard. When passers-by see them, they will be tempted to stop and see what else you have. Group like objects together, such as tools, clothing, toys and household items, as well. Someone who stops to check out a lamp might also be interested in a slow cooker.

Give a Little

Keeping a "freebie" box near the cash table can boost the spirits of children, encouraging their parents to shop a little longer. Stock it with a few small toys, books and other items at a time, refilling it as the day passes.

When your sale is over, donate the leftovers to a local charity and contact a junk removal services company, such as The Dump Guy, to haul off those unsellable broken, damaged or seriously outdated items. Your house will be tidier, your wallet will be fatter and you'll have made lots of people happier to boot.