One of the best benefits of being a single girl, or in a home full of ladies, is having the ability to make everything look pretty. Pinks, frills, and other dainty designs are perfectly acceptable inside of the house and out. If you wish to make your backyard match the pretty interior of your home, there are some plants and landscaping that will perfectly fit your theme. Here is a landscaping idea that will paint your yard in beautiful shades of pink.

Have the yard cleared

If you have stumps, old trees that don't fit, or sickly plants in your yard, you should hire a tree service to remove these issues. A professional construction tree service can take up the plants and stumps from the roots. It's necessary to clear out all remnants of the old trees and plants to get the yard in prime shape for grass.

Make sure your grass is green and soft

A yard full of nice grass is the perfect place for entertaining. No matter the square footage of your yard, you can lay down grass seeds to grow a beautiful green lawn in no time. In order for your lawn to look its best, make sure you purchase quality fertilizer and water the seeds often. Germination during the sunny season will take a few days, and most people will see grass in about two weeks. Make sure to keep the grass moisturized and you can see a gorgeous, green lawn in a month.

Plant a cherry blossom tree

When it comes to beauty and pink, no plant beats the cherry blossom. Japanese cherry blossoms, also known as the Sakura, bloom flowers that change shades as they age. The cherry blossoms will first sprout as a dark pink shade, then slowly change into a baby pink or white shade before they fall. Cherry blossoms only bloom during the spring, and will layer your yard with blossoms to walk on that are fit for a queen. You can purchase a cherry blossom tree from a nursery and have it planted in your yard. As cherry blossoms are special, they will need to be cared for throughout each season. Plant your tree towards the middle-back of your yard so that your lawn can be layered in the blossoms during the blooming season.

Embellish with roses

Rose bushes will make you smile every time you exit your yard. The perfection of a pretty pink rose is something that you can experience daily with rose bushes. Have pink rose bushes planted on each side of your door in order to accentuate the entrance into the backyard, and to compliment the Sakura tree in the back portion of your lawn. Find more info on trees here.