Providing a beautified look to the driveways along with proper protection is a difficult task. A permanent solution is required to make sure that the layout of the driveway is not compromised, and there is proper maintenance of the area you desire. One of the best ways to take care of the surface, block oil and water is the process of sealcoating. This process has proved to be more than successful in getting a slip-resistant surface for the driveways.

Process of Sealcoating

Sealcoating tends to be a tedious task, but it proves to be worth it in the long-term protection of any area. You should always get this task done by a professional as it is a difficult process that requires proper protection while the coating is being provided.

  • Apply at minimum two coats to make sure that the area has been coated properly.
  • This process should be conducted at outside temperatures of around 55 degrees or above.
  • Make sure that there is no rain predicted during the application and curing process of the sealcoat. It is recommended that you avoid rainy season for this work.
  • The sealcoat needs to be left to cure before the vehicle is driven back on that surface.
  • If done properly, this process provides a long-term solution for the asphalt pavements, and it prevents weather damage along with beautifying the area.

Importance of Sealcoating

Asphalt has a tendency to degrade and loose its strength with time. The main reasons behind the degradation of asphalt pavements are rain, chemical damage, and damage from ultraviolet rays. Any cracks or holes in the asphalt allows water to penetrate the surface and cause the asphalt to breakdown further. Providing a proper layer of sealcoating over asphalt in the driveways and pavement areas helps in keeping the surface intact and getting rid of any kind of breakdown.

  • Sealcoating process uses materials that include acrylic emulsions or coal products that prove to be effective in getting rid of breakage.
  • It increases the life expectancy of the asphalt, which helps in saving costs and makes it easy to maintain the area.
  • It gives a fresh and appealing look to the property without the requirements of high priced maintenance programs.

Sealcoating requires professional experience and you should always make sure that you contact a professional (such as one from Elias Bros Contractors Inc) when it comes to getting the driveway coated. If done properly, then you can expect to get a safer and beautiful layout for your property.