When you are drilling into a hard material, the resistance of the material combined with the thrust of the drill can lead you to break drill bits or to take longer than you should have to when you are drilling a hole. If you know you will frequently be drilling into hard materials like masonry, brick, stone, or hardwoods, then you should consider upgrading your drill to either a hammer drill or a rotary hammer.

The Uses of a Hammer Drill

A hammer drill uses a cam-action mechanism to create a hammering force on the drill bit. You have gears that cause the drill bit to rotate forwards and backwards. While these drills will create some hammering action, they are best suited for occasional drilling in masonry. Hammer drills are usually small and are best used to drill small holes in a cement wall. If you need to drill large holes, or you will be drilling into cement frequently, you need to look for a drill that is capable of creating a large amount of force. 

The Uses of a Rotary Hammer

A rotary hammer uses electricity to create pneumatic pressure. This pressure is then used to exert downward pressure on the drill bit. This is the same mechanism that is used in jackhammers. The drill bit, which is sometimes referred to as a piston and the hammer do not actually touch. Rotary hammers tend to be much more heavy duty than hammer drills. They can be bulky and awkward to use, but if you are going to be drilling into masonry with frequency, then you need a bigger drill, and you will just have to deal with the weight. 

Sprinkler workers often face the need to drill through foundations in order to connect their sprinkler lines to the main water line of a house. When you do this, you need to drill a hole that is bigger than the diameter of the pipe that you will be using for our mainline. To drill a hole that is an inch or more wide, you need the power of a rotary hammer. There are plenty of other instances where a contractor could use a rotary hammer, but just because you need a rotary hammer does not mean that you can't also make use of a hammer drill also. The lightweight size and weight of a hammer drill makes it more convenient to use for smaller jobs. Having the right tools can make all the difference. 

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