For individuals with a shaded backyard, there's nothing more frustrating than watching your plants do poorly due to a lack of sunlight. While it can be tempting to choose plants at random based on their appearance, it's important that you look into how to landscape for shaded areas. By landscaping with the amount of sunshine your yard receives, you'll be confident that the space looks great and that your backyard feels inviting and lively.

Consider the Amount of Sun Your Yard Gets

In order for you to be directed towards the best plants for your yard, you'll need to be sure of how much sunlight your yard receives. From dense to partial shade, the list of plants that will do well in your plants vary greatly in their selection.

Clean Up Your Yard Before Landscaping

If it's been a long time since you've done any landscaping in your yard, you may have some dead plants and other vegetation that will need to be uprooted and tossed. Before you begin your landscaping project, you'll need to set aside a few hours to clearing out the space. By having an open space clear of any old plants, you can begin to map out the new design.

Add Variety to Your Yard  

Whenever you're landscaping any space, it's recommended to have a lot of different things to look at. Instead of sticking with a particular type of plant or just covering the entire space in vegetation, you're better of mixing it up. By adding pathways, plants, and small garden statues and lighting, your yard will be interesting and look great.

Stick With Plants That Do Well in Shade

When you begin to look for plants to incorporate into the landscaping for your yard, you'll need to keep an eye out for plants that are ideal for shade. The following list includes a few great options for your shaded yard:

  • Creeping Jenny
  • Flowering Maple
  • Meadow Rue

Find Shade-Loving Ground Coverage

Along with adding a walkway and plants for shade, you may want to add ground coverage that will thrive in the shade. Moss is especially common for shaded yards, but you'll need to make sure that there will be plenty of moisture to help your yard stay vibrant.

Taking the time to design your backyard with the amount of sunlight your yard receives will help drastically in the final result. Requesting the help of professional landscapers from a company like American Lawn and Tree Specialists Inc can help give you the results you want with the shade in mind.