Losing business when road construction is happening in front of your business is a possibility. People might take detours and avoid the road. Others may find it a hassle to try to park so they can shop at your store. In order to combat such things, there are certain tactics you will need to use.

Revamp Your Online Strategy

When a road repair is happening in front of your business and you know it will be going on for at least a few weeks, take to the Internet to keep business going. Use social media to promote special discounts to get people to come out to your business.

Concentrating on Internet sales is another way you can revamp your strategy. If you have been putting off concentrating on Internet sales due to having a lot of local business, you can use the slow time during construction to build a significant Internet presence.

Inform Your Customers

Let's say a person finds your business online. When that person comes out to your business, he or she encounters road construction and has no idea where to park or how to enter your store's parking lot. Eliminate this problem by posting instructions on your store's website and social media pages.

Give customers a more convenient way to get to your business. Give them at least two different parking options.

Get A Huge Banner

Road work can often bring traffic to a standstill. People stuck in their cars will often look around. Use this to your advantage. Get a huge banner that can capture the attention of people in their cars. Advertising great sales on certain items will get the attention of people looking for bargains. This is a perfect time to unload inventory that may be moving slow.

Having an employee stand by the road with a sign is another way that you can catch the attention of people who are waiting in the slower traffic. They can also help potential customers who may be confused about how to gain access to your business because of the road work.

Plan Ahead

If you know roadwork is coming an may take a few weeks to complete, plan ahead. You can take this time to remodel your business. Upgrade the interior or exterior while the roadwork is going on.

Also, make arrangements with other businesses so that your customers can use their parking. Do so before other businesses beat you to it.

Use the above tips to help you when a company like Bituminous Roadways, Inc. is performing road construction in front of your business.